Standard Operating Procedures

  • Facility Support Services
  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Research Safety & Services
  • Safety SOPs are intended to inform and educate laboratory personnel about hazards in their workplace and identify special handling procedures, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent exposure. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or area supervisor to review and approve the SOPs ensuring that the protective equipment and procedures outlined are in place. All staff must be trained on the SOPs applicable to their work before conducting hazardous activities. Please refer to the SOP Guidance Manual for more information on what should be included in a safety SOP.

    SOP Templates

    It is highly recommended to use EH&S’s SOP templates. If using your own template, you must include any relevant information from all of the sections included in the EH&S templates.

    Animal Research SOP Example Library

    A Standard Operating Procedure Example Library has been provided to facilitate the creation of SOPs. These are provided as a resource guide only that can be downloaded and modified as needed. All modifications and procedures need to be validated and approved by the Principal Investigator or work area supervisor prior to implementation.