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  • For any positions that require “physical duties” such as climbing, heavy lifting, kneeling, repeated bending, and repetitive pushing and pulling, a preplacement health assessment will be required. CareSpot is the third-party administrator selected to perform these services. If the employee is “brand” new to the University, they will only have to have this type of physical once, and should they transfer to another area where this requirement is needed again, they can be “waived” using the Health Assessment Waiver.

    Here are some guidelines and links to follow in setting up your new employee with CareSpot:

    1. Please complete all fields on the CareSpot authorization form and use “physical job duties” on the “new hire” side of the form. For an internal transfer, please use the right side.

    2. Send the completed auth form to your employee with the physical exam forms. Your employee will then be able to click on the CareSpot auth form and schedule an appointment at a convenient location.

    3. Important: The employee must bring the authorization form along with the paperwork to the appointment.

    4. Please have your candidate notify your department when the appointment is, so that you can check on the clearance in PeopleSoft. The results will get sent to the OccMed clinic on campus and the clinic will enter the results.


    If your new employee needs to have additional clearances for respirator use and animal contact along with the “physical duties”, you may use CareSpot. If you have questions on which forms to use, feel free to call the Occupational Medicine Consultant at EH&S and we can advise on how to complete the CareSpot Authorization Form, along with any additional forms that your employee will need to take.

    What happens if I’m recruiting outside of Gainesville?

    CareSpot offers 43+ locations state-wide. Please click on the CareSpot logo on the CareSpot authorization form, which will direct your candidate to the nearest location in your geographic area.

    What happens if I’m recruiting a candidate where CareSpot isn’t available?

    Please contact the Occ Med Clinic @ 352-294-5700. The Occ Med Clinic Staff will be able to work with you on the substitution physical process, with a provider closer to the geographic location for your prospective candidate.