Fire Plan Review and Inspection

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  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Research Safety & Services
  • EH&S has been assigned the duty of fire plan review and inspection by Vice President for Finance and Administration, now Business Affairs, as previously conducted by the State Fire Marshal (SFM). This assignment is effective June 1, 2015.

    The duties within EH&S’ Building Codes Enforcement have been assigned to Mr. Daniel Hickey, Fire Safety Coordinator. He is fully qualified to perform construction plan reviews and on-site construction inspections by the Office of State Fire Marshal. The fire and life safety plans reviewer and inspector will be primarily Mr. Daniel Hickey.  Please address any questions about upcoming projects to him.

    As of June 1, 2015, it is not necessary to provide 4 signed and sealed sets of documents and 3 sets of specifications for review. Nor is it necessary to complete a SFM Checklist. Refer to Plan Submittal Guidelines.

    Greek life fire safety and inspection information can be obtained by contacting Daniel Hickey at 352-392-1591.