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  • ****NEW PROCEDURE ****

    Starting Dec 15,2012

    Fume Hood Repair Notification-Main Campus fume hoods only that are serviced by Facilities Services).

    Work orders for fume hood repairs will be automatically issued by EH&S if a fume hood fails the annual profiling inspection. There will be no need for the lab to place the work order or contact EH&S for a fume hood protocol. The new automated system will notify the PI of each step from the Out of Order notification to the completion of repairs and re-profile.


    EH&S profiles each hood annually as mandated by the State Fire Marshal and National Fire Protection Association. The EH&S profile sticker will provide information on the type of hood, intended use and sash height settings. If your fume hood has not been profiled in more than a year, please contact Fume Hood technician, 352-574-2981.


    If a hood needs to be repaired, it is the responsibility of the lab staff to stop all work in the hood, submit a work order, clear the hood of chemicals or equipment, and clean the hood of any potential contamination. A fume hood can be cleaned by wiping all surfaces with soap and water.

    Please visit the Fume Hood Inspection Schedule for the anticipated date EH&S will inspect your unit.