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    The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is embraced by UF EH&S Pest Management. IPM, simply defined, is “common sense” techniques employed in a systematic fashion to prevent or minimize entry, introduction and survival of indoor and structural pests, which include insects, rodents and nuisance wildlife. Techniques employed to achieve this goal are provided on scheduled routine visits to all UF structures in Alachua County except those owned by the Division of Housing, which are serviced by Housing staff. GHP service is also provided to IFAS facilities in and around Alachua County.  GHP service includes monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly (as required) inspecting, monitoring (sticky trap placement and checking,) applying baits, servicing and maintaining insect light traps, physical removal, (including specialized vacuuming as required,) applying residual to exterior perimeter, around doors and trapping whenever possible to minimize the use of poisons.  All “food areas” and other pest-prone areas serviced at least monthly.

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    Contact Information

    Please note, EH&S Pest Management Team does not service Shands properties (hospital, Medical Plaza and Davis Cancer Pavilion). Please contact Shands Environmental Services at (352) 494-4989.

    Contact EH&S at (352)392-1591 with concerns regarding pest management issues.