Certificate of Completion or Occupancy

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    Know the difference:

    • A TCC or CC should be requested for remodels, renovations, alterations, and shell buildings or spaces
    • A TCO or CO should be requested for new construction, additions, and change of use (i.e. from an assembly occupancy to a business occupancy)

    The issuance of a TCC or TCO by EH&S allows the permit holder to temporarily use or occupy the space before all final inspections have been approved as long as all Life-Safety requirements are met. The Building Official can issue a TCC or TCO certificate, which are valid for a maximum of 30 days, or longer if approved by Building Official, pending completion and approval of the certificate application. If the permit holder requires additional time after the initial certificate application, they may resubmit a TCC or TCO application to extend the certificate expiration date. Only one extension of the TCC or TCO shall be permitted. An application for a Final Certificate or extension shall be submitted five (5) business days prior to the expiration date printed on the TCC or TCO. Failure to apply for an extension or Final Certificate will cause the permit to expire and permit holder will be required to apply to have the permit reinstated.

    The approved TCC or TCO certificate shall be posted at the premises for which it is issued and be readily viewable by the building occupants at all times while the building or space is occupied. Failure to post the approved TCC or TCO certificate will result in the revocation of such Certificate and the building or space shall be immediately vacated.

    The issuance of a CC or CO by EH&S completes the Building Code Administration process. The permit holder must request a certificate of completion or occupancy after verifying completion of all final building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire/life safety, roofing, and ADA inspections for the permitted project. Submit the final signed & sealed threshold inspection reports (if required) and other required documents prior to requesting a CC or CO. Documents shall be uploaded to your customer portal in CitizenServe. Some small permits don’t necessarily need a CC such as adding an electrical outlet or installing light fixtures in an existing structure.

    To request a TCC, TCO, CC, or CO, the permit holder is required to complete the certificate application found here or under Building Code Forms by clicking Forms above, and upload the completed application under the appropriate permit number through the customer portal in CitizenServe. Failure to submit through CitizenServe will delay the certificate process. Do not upload and email the application as this creates duplicate and sometime triplicate application requests for the same permit and delays the process.

    The TCC, TCO, CC, or CO will be issued by EH&S and uploaded into applicant’s customer portal in CitizenServe where the certificate can be viewed or retrieved. The permit holder and State Agency project manager(s) will also receive an emailed copy.