Animal Research Safety

  • Research Safety & Services
  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Facility Support Services
  • EH&S continuously works with the IACUC, IBC, and Animal Care Services to ensure the safety of staff working in animal research. During the IACUC review process, IACUC staff will document safety-related concerns within the investigator’s protocol and communicate with EH&S as necessary. If you have questions about protocol review comments, please contact the IACUC at


    IACUC staff will review the IACUC protocol for the following EH&S-related components:

    • Current and accurate DBPR exemption letters and DEA registrations (New PIs must start this process, but may require an approved IACUC protocol to complete the process)
    • *Source of transgenic animals- * Tg rodents (Rattus/Mus only) created at UF and all non-rodent (Rattus/Mus only) Tg animals require registration through a Biohazard Project Registration
    • Housing and procedure locations are appropriate for specified hazards (SOPs for transport and imaging if necessary – EH&S can provide templates) – Chemical Hygiene Plan and Inventory
    • Caging options are appropriate for specified hazards
    • Hazardous/ toxic chemicals, novel compounds of unknown toxicity, and nanoparticles
    • *Biohazard Project Registrations for all agents that require registration.
    • *Radiation Control Committee Projects approval for all radioisotope and irradiator use
    • *Handling of contaminated animals and waste disposal procedures outlined through SOPs or text(EH&S can provide templates) Chemical Hygiene Plan and Inventory
      • *Will HOLD final review of your IACUC protocol if these are not complete/approved.