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  • The Diving Science and Safety Program (DSSP) provides training to achieve completion of the 100 hours required for the Scientific Diver classification. All scientific divers are classified by American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) standards as either a Diver-In-Training (DIT) or Scientific Diver. The former has completed a basic scuba class and the entry procedures (forms, medical, etc.) The latter has had 100 hours of training and at least 17 dives.

    In order to comply with University of Florida, AAUS and Federal OSHA standards for scuba diving, any person using scuba diving as part of a scientific research or educational activity must become a certified Scientific Diver. This can be achieved through the UF DSSP. Scientific diving is a tool used in data collection by faculty, staff and student researcher.

    To facilitate the movement from DIT to Scientific Diver status as defined by AAUS, UF offers two options to achieve your scientific diver certification. All options require an interview with the Diving Safety Officer (DSO) to clarify your diving background and current scientific diving requirements. This should be done prior to planning to become a scientific diver since there is an extensive physical and paperwork to be completed prior to entering the training program.

    Option #1
    The DSSP offers training on an as needed basis. The DSO will take any certification level scuba diver through all requirements to become a Scientific diver. The time will vary due to the knowledge and comfort level of the diver. This course will comprise of eLearning, classroom, and at least 12 dives (equally 6 hours underwater).
    Option #2
    Someone could also participate in the FAS Science Diver Development Program’s semester classes to reach that goal. They offer Open Water Scuba Diver and above courses.
    Option #3
    If you are already certified as a scientific diver (AAUS Standards) at another institution, a Letter of Reciprocity or Verification of Training Letter supplied by the other institution’s DSO.