Radiation Producing Devices

  • Facility Support Services
  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Research Safety & Services
  • All devices and apparatus capable of producing ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in potentially hazardous quantities must be approved by the Radiation Safety Office.

    The following types of devices and apparatus are among those requiring approval:

    • x-ray machines (e.g., medical, dental, veterinary, irradiators)
    • x-ray diffraction units
    • electron microscopes
    • particle accelerators
    • static eliminators functioning by emitting ionizing radiation
    • beta ray gauges and gas chromatographs with ECD
    • devices using sealed gamma radiation sources (e.g., teletherapy units, irradiators, moisture density gauges, etc.)

    Contact the Radiation Safety Office to determine if a device is exempt from these requirements.

    Request Authorization

    In order to work with radiation producing devices at the University of Florida, an authorization by the Radiation Control Committee is required. To request authorization, a project proposal must be submitted through the Radiation Safety Office which details:

    • The location where the device will be used and stored
    • The type of device and radiation to be used
    • Procedures for the use of the device

    Additionally, the following forms must be submitted along with the proposal:

    Additional details and guidance may be found in the UF Radiation Control Guide.