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  • New Process for complying with the State DMS Rules regarding UAS:

    Step #1-
    Aircraft Evaluation. The aircraft must be evaluated by EHS for compliance.
    The requirements are that the aircraft must not contain any “Critical Components” that are from a Foreign Country of Concern, and that the communications from controller to aircraft are encrypted.
    As aircraft are evaluated, they will be allowable for purchase, and also eligible for Step #2.

    Step #2-
    The pilot or the PI must submit a Risk Assessment to IT detailing the data flow of their project from collection through the end of processing.
    Once the Risk Assessment is completed then the aircraft and pilot(s) / PI are eligible to submit flight requests and obtain permits.
    No system will be perfect, so there may be refinements as we progress, but to begin with this system will cover any compliance requirements.

    Current list of aircraft that have been evaluated and determined to be compliant:

    • Anafi USA /GOV
    • Teledyne / FLIR SIRAS
    • Freefly Alta X
    • Inspired Flight IF750/1200
    • Wingtra
    • Harris H6
    • Quantum Systems Trinity F90+

    If you wish to purchase one of these aircraft email jsrouse@ufl.edu and submit a Risk Assessment to IT as outlined above. Once the Risk Assessment has been submitted a Purchase Request can be approved.

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems also known as Drones have become increasingly popular as an effective tool for research, building maintenance, safety operations and recreation as just a few examples. The Office of Unmanned Aircraft Systems provides support to faculty, staff, students and vendors to achieve their mission goals while complying with Federal, State and University regulations.

    The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) comprehensive regulations went into effect August 29, 2016 for use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), more popularly known as “drones.” The provisions of the new rule – formally known as Part 107 – are designed to minimize risks to other aircraft and people and property on the ground.

    • EH&S will provide a flight permit upon review of required documentation and flight plan.
    • Please submit flight plan as early as possible. At a minimum, allow three business days for processing flight plan requests.
    • Please visit the UAS Policy for specific administrative guidelines and regulations.

    Required Documentation & Procedures Prior to Flying

    The following items are required prior to flying Drones on UF Campus:

    1. Remote Pilot Certificate
    2. FAA registered drone
    3. Liability Insurance (required for non-UF (vendor) or recreational flight)
    4. Pilot registration with EH &S
    5. Aircraft registration with EH&S
    6. Flight Request submission with EH&S

    Training & Resource Videos

    The following videos are accessible on YouTube:

    1. Drones – Apps & Resources
    2. VFR Sectional Charts: Reading Latitude & Longitude Part 1
    3. VFR Sectional Charts: Reading Latitude & Longitude Part 2
    4. Chart Items