Human Investigations Involving Radiation

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  • Research involving exposure of humans to ionizing radiation requires additional specific approval from the Human Radioisotope and Radiation Use Committee (HURRC).

    These approvals are required for radiological procedures that are administered solely for experimental or research purposes (i.e., would not otherwise be administered); use of an investigational radiological device or investigational radiopharmaceutical (e.g., contrast agent or radionuclide); and use of radiological procedures when these procedures are the subject of the investigation (e.g., comparison of radiotherapy delivery methods, standard of care procedures that are being altered as part of research, and radiological procedures that are administered in addition to those that the participant would receive as part of standard medical care (i.e., “extra” procedures).

    HURRC Review Process

    1. Complete all applicable fields in HURRC Summary Sheet
    2. Submit completed forms to for review. Include a copy of your protocol and the informed consent form.
    3. Office of Radiation Safety staff will review submitted forms for accuracy and completion and may follow up if more information is needed. Please remember that incomplete forms cannot be forwarded to the HURRC. The good news is that you can prevent delays by ensuring that all required fields are filled out accurately. The tools listed below can assist you with determining accurate dose calculations.
    4. HURRC reviewers will do their best to approve new studies in a timely manner, however it is possible that approvals could take up to several weeks once the completed forms are forwarded to HURRC.
    5. Once approved, the Office of Radiation Safety will submit a HURRC approval letter to the IRB.

    Start HURRC Review (PDF)

    Dose Calculations

    Radiation exposures for proposed radiologic procedures are calculated using the Dose Calculator made available by RADAR, Inc.

    • These calculations of effective doses are approximations. Values obtained from the calculator may require adjustment during HURRC review to more accurately reflect the radiologic procedures performed at the University of Florida and UF Health.
    • Risk language appropriate to the radiation exposure will be provided by the calculator and should be included in the informed consent process and document. A copy of the RADAR, Inc. worksheet, which provides dose calculations and recommended consent language, must be included with your HURRC submission.

    An additional resource is available at Effective Doses in Radiology and Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine: A Catalog

    For questions regarding human investigations involving radiation, please contact