Temporary Structures on Campus – Including Tents

  • Facility Support Services
  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Research Safety & Services
  • Please review the Temporary-Structures-Policy(PDF)

    EH&S will

    • review all applications for temporary structures after receipt of the permit application, construction/site plans, and payment of fees (credit card or check only);
    • issue a permit based on the application or reject the permit application and provide reasons for rejection in a timely manner;
    • inspect the structure to verify compliance with the submitted site plan after issuance of the permit and structure erection but prior to occupancy;
    • direct the event staff to remove or relocate the structure for structures erected without proper permitting and approval.


    Fees for erection of temporary structures shall be the minimum permit and plans review fee charged for a building permit by the EH&S Building Code Enforcement fee schedule. An applicant with multiple tents for a single event will not be charged for each individual tent. A grouping of tents will be considered as one allotment for the purpose of fee calculation. Permit fees for failure to obtain a permit prior to erection of a temporary structure shall result in a fee double the usual permit fee.

    Current fee schedule may be viewed here: Code Permit Fee Schedule