• Facility Support Services
  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Research Safety & Services
  • Radiation SafetyThe UF Radiation Safety Office provides radiation dosimetry devices to monitor personnel occupational exposures. These come in the form of whole body (Luxel/TLD) badges and ring/extremity badges.


    How Do I Request a Badge?
    Designated badge coordinators or the PI request badges on behalf of their group. If you believe you should have a badge and do not, please contact your PI/badge coordinator to request one. If you are pregnant (whether known, planning or suspected) please contact your PI/supervisor/badge coordinator to learn about fetal badges.
    Can I See My Dose Report?
    Yes, you will receive a dose report every year. You will also receive a final report should you leave the university. Monthly and quarterly reports are available, if you would like them please speak with your badge coordinator.
    What if I Lose, Damage or Accidentally Expose My Badge?
    Please contact the Radiation Safety Office for a new badge or to report an accidental exposure of the badge.
    When Do I Need to Wear My Badge?
    You must wear your badge whenever you expect to work with or around radiation.
    Where Should I Wear My Badge?
    Whole body badges should be worn on your torso, wherever the most exposure is expected. Be consistent about where it is worn to ensure an accurate reading.
    How Should I Wear My Ring Badge?
    Ring badges should be worn on the hand expected to receive the most exposure. The ring should be worn under any gloves and with the label side pointing towards the palm.
    How do I become the badge coordinator for my group?
    Please contact the Radiation Safety Office to update the badge coordinator for your group.