Plan Submittal Guidelines

  • Facility Support Services
  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Research Safety & Services
  • Electronic Submittal Requirements

    For building plans and supporting documentation to be considered for acceptance through the EH&S permitting portal, the following electronic submittal requirements must be met:

    • All files must be in PDF format and compatible with Adobe.
    • The size of any individual electronic file cannot exceed 70 MB.
    • If the electronic document exceeds 70 MB, the submission must be split into Architectural, Civil, Landscape, Structural, Plumbing/Fire Protection, HVAC, and Electrical sections.
    • Subsections that exceed the 70 MB requirement must be further subdivided such that they are less than 70 MB.  The electronic signed and sealed sets and any changes to the permit documents shall be locked and password protected.
    • Every plan and document file must be named, (e.g., Architectural plan set, plumbing plan set, energy calculations, etc.).
    • Every plan and document must have the correct document type selected, (e.g., Building Plans, pick “Building Plans”).
    • Plans and documents prepared by design professionals such as architects and engineers require an electronic seal and digital signature in compliance with the Florida Administrative Code. Digital signatures must be locked to prevent tampering. See our EHS Digital Seal Policy 2021 for complete requirements.

    Supporting Documents – Additional Electronic Submittal Requirements

    In addition to the requirements outlined in the Electronic Submittal Requirements section of this document, supporting documents must meet the following requirements in order to be accepted by UF EH&S:

    • Supporting documentation that includes multiple pages must be submitted as a single, combined, multi-page PDF file. If, for example, energy calculations containing multiple pages are submitted, then all pages must be submitted as a combined PDF file and not as individually uploaded pages. Multi-page supporting documents submitted as part of the same project must also be separated by category according to the following:
      • Energy Calculations
      • FEMA Substantial Improvement Documents
      • Engineering Report
      • Threshold Reports
      • Other Documents


    In the event plans and/or supporting documentation were disapproved during plan review and those plans/documents are required to be resubmitted, the following submittal requirements shall be observed:

    • When resubmitting to address previous disapproval comments, only the sheets requiring corrections are required. You have the option of uploading the entire set of plans/documentation if you prefer.
    • All corrections shall be clouded; identified by number with a triangle. Each issue must be addressed in the Digital Plan Room with a response that clearly identifies how and where the comment has been addressed on the plans.
    • Resubmittals must be in the same format (PDF), scale, orientation, etc. as the original submittal(s) and adhere to the submittal requirements outlined within this document.

    Provide the ELECTRONIC PERMIT INFORMATION FORM with the submittal. The electronic plans shall uploaded into our Dropbox folder. EH&S will be automatically notified of the submission.

    Criteria for plan submittal is found in Section 107 of the Florida Building Code, Chapter 1 – Administration as modified by EH&S and Chapter 16, FBC-Bldg.