Building Codes Enforcement

  • Facility Support Services
  • Occupational Safety & Risk Management
  • Research Safety & Services
  • Established in 1999, the UF Building Code Enforcement Program was formed to comply with Florida Statutes regulating construction operations for State Universities.  Today, as a member of the UF Business Services team, EH&S looks forward to working with the various construction entities through the building permitting process.


    • Review plans and provide comments for all construction projects at each phase of design.
    • Verify workers compensation insurance and required contractor licensing.
    • Issue building permits.
    • Perform construction progress inspections as required.
    • Issue the Certificate of Completion or Occupancy at project
    • Provide code consultation to architects, engineers, project managers and contractors as necessary.

    We have an online Portal for architects, contractors, engineers, project managers, and the general public to check building permit status, inspections, plan reviews, and to get a quote for permit fees. Inspections shall be requested through the portal unless otherwise notated on the portal inspection page. Documents pertaining to your active permit may be uploaded within the portal – note that if documents are uploaded through the portal, there is no need to send those documents in an additional email or through the Dropbox to EH&S. This creates a logjam in processing those documents and will delay review of those documents.

    The only required EH&S document that should be submitted to the Portal is the CC CO TCC TCO Certificate Application. All other documents for permit issuance should be submitted following the instructions listed within those documents. This also includes certificate of insurance (COI) for contractors or sub-contractors.

    Before uploading any document or form that EH&S requires to process your application, please review the instructions, and submit the documents per those requirements. Failure to follow the instructions outlined on the forms or applications will cause delays in the permitting process and resubmittal of those documents per the instructions.

    All new contractors will have a user account setup for them when submitting a permit application. If after application, access to the Portal is not available, please call EH&S at 352-392-1591 and ask for the Codes desk or email EH&S at


    • University of Florida (UF)
      • Includes all UF properties within the State of Florida
      • Includes Greek Housing located within UF campus
      • Includes UF Foundation within UF campus, UF Housing and Residence Life, University Athletic Association, and Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
    • UF Health Facilities and Shands Facilities within UF property
    • University of North Florida (UNF)
    • School Board of Alachua County (SBAC)
    • Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB)