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  • Radioactive WasteInstructions for Preparation of Radioactive Waste for Disposal contain radioactive waste disposal procedures which are applicable to the majority of waste generated in laboratories and is available from the Radiation Control Office or the Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal Office.

    Radiation Control Technique #2

    The Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal Office (352-392-8400) should be contacted for disposal information for unusual types of waste. In addition to the radioactive material warning label, waste must be identified as to other hazards present such as poisons, carcinogens, organics or corrosives. Red or biohazard bagged waste will not be picked up. If you have active biohazardous waste and are unsure of an inactivation procedure, contact the Biological Safety Officer (352-392-1591).

    Radioactive Waste Pickup Form

    Radiation Safety Short Course

    Any laboratory member who will be working with radioactive materials must attend EH&S’ “Radiation Safety Short Course,” (EHS830) prior to commencing work. This course is designed to provide workers with the basics of radiation safety and how to manage the waste generated. The Radiation Safety Short Course page provides detailed information or call the Radiation Safety group at 352-392-1589.