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  • The Lab and Chemical Safety Program’s goal is to minimize the risk of injury and illness to laboratory workers while also maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. This is achieved in collaboration with the research community by providing training, information, resources, and support to faculty, staff, and students and empower them to take a proactive approach toward safety.

    Chemical Safety

    Chemical Safety


    Lab Safety

    Lab Safety


    Lab Safety Awareness Week

    Feb 14-17


    Make the heart “beat” for Lab Safety by reviewing and passing along some resources that can help to promote safety practice on campus


    Click the thumbnail images below to download these 8.5″x11″ posters.

    CSHEMA LabSafetyWeek Posters imgs2PPE & General Attire
    CSHEMA LabSafetyWeek Posters imgs2We’re all in this together! 
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