Equipment Purchase Approval/Decontamination

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  • Equipment Purchase Approval

    The following items require approval by the Department of Environmental, Health and Safety prior to purchase or acquisition.

    Equipment Purchase Approval Form


    Equipment Decontamination

    Laboratory equipment must be decontaminated when it is:
    • part of a laboratory decommissioning process,
    • being removed from service and/or stored – whether temporarily or permanently,
    • leaving the University of Florida,
    • moving to another laboratory or building on any UF campus, or
    • being released to UF Surplus Property or otherwise disposed of in a proper manner.
    Equipment Decommissioning Procedure
    • Decontaminate the lab equipment in a manner appropriate for the hazards or potential hazards. For radiation contamination, contact Radiation Safety  for procedures and next steps. Never remove a radiation hazard sticker without authorization from the radiation safety office.
    • Complete the UF Equipment Decontamination FormThe Principal Investigator or supervisor will automatically be notified for approval.
    • Once approved by EH&S, your Department’s property custodian will automatically receive a copy.
    • Maintain a copy of the signed form in your records.