Compliance & Responsibilites

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  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) strives not only to provide a safe and healthy work environment, but to establish guidelines for the departments at the University of Florida (UF) as it relates to EH&S compliance.  If you are a brand-new employee at the University, your position may require a health assessment based on the position number that you are being hired.  Once your employment begins at the University however, your job may require you to have medical surveillance for those job duties. Medical surveillance requirements can vary depending on regulations and health assessments and may need to be repeated, sometimes annually, or in other cases, every couple of years.

    Depending on your job duties, you may only work with the Occupational Medicine Clinic at our Main UF Campus in Gainesville, or you may be working with our third-party vendor, CareSpot, or sometimes both.  We also realize that traveling to Gainesville isn’t the best option for our employees who are employed throughout the State of Florida, and that a CareSpot may not be available in each area where our employees work; in these cases, the Occupational Medicine Clinic at our main campus in Gainesville will assist you in setting up a health assessment in your local area.

    If you have any questions on what requirements are needed for your position, please contact your department HR representative, who will be able to check your position number and provide guidance. EH&S is available to consult with your department HR representative to discuss updating the position and advise on what health assessments are needed.

    Your initial assessment and medical surveillance information is available in the PeopleSoft system, where it will remain in a confidential file for only a limited number of approved staff who will have access to view this information.  As stated earlier, some job duties require medical surveillance and those clearances do expire.  The PeopleSoft system will send you a notification to your Gatorlink email advising you on when your clearance(s) will expire.  You will be notified in a timely manner, and you will be able to work with your department HR representative to begin preparing for your next assessment that is due.  EH&S is also here to provide guidance to your department should any questions arise.

    In some cases, an employee will transfer to a new department for a new opportunity for a new job.  If you do transfer to a new department, a Health Assessment Waiver is available.  If you have additional questions on how the waiver process works, you may contact the EH&S Occupational Medicine Consultant at (352) 392-1591 or email at  Our consultant will work with your HR representative to advise if the employee can be “waived” into a new position, or if additional requirements need to be met.

    Questions?  Please reach out and we can assist!