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  • Off-Campus Substitution PPHA
    When a University of Florida new hire will work at one of the UF IFAS Research and Education Centers (REC) in the State of Florida (or some other location affiliated with the University) and perform one or more of the OCCMED-Covered job duties, a Preplacement Health Assessment done outside of the UF Occupational Medicine (OCCMED) Clinic may be requested as a substitution to fulfill the job duty-related health assessment requirement. This is an option rather than having the health assessment done at the UF OCCMED Clinic on the UF campus in Gainesville.

    At the University of Florida, a job offer is contingent upon the favorable results of any applicable job-related post-offer preplacement health assessment.  The applicant may not begin work until after being cleared to work by the UF OCCMED Clinic in Gainesville.  As with on-campus health assessments, the UF OCCMED Clinic enters clearance status records in myUFL.

    This substitution is also an option when a current University of Florida employee who works at one of the RECs or other location as described above performs one or more of the OCCMED-Covered job duties.

    Criteria for Substitution of UF Preplacement Health Assessment

    • Must include the same components as those done at the UF OCCMED Clinic and
      appropriate documentation of any required additional ancillary testing, immunizations, and medical questionnaires prior to clearance
    • Must be recorded on the UF Preplacement Physical Exam and Medical History Questionnaire form
    • Must be performed by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner licensed to practice in the State of Florida
    • Must clearly identify the name and state license number of the physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner –
      signature alone, even when legible, not accepted
    • Must be performed within the previous sixty (60) days
    • Must be completed prior to clearance/recommendation
    • Must be sent to the UF OCCMED Clinic for review and final clearance status
      (Cover Sheetfor Medical Record Transfer)

    Checklist for Substitution Preplacement Health Assessment

    1. Print documentation that local provider is approved by the UF OCCMED Clinic to perform substitution PPHA
      Contact EH&S if documentation is not available
    2. Print job duty list that documents the required health assessment
      For position with a position number, identify the applicable job duty when submitting the ePAF.
      For position without a position number, identify the applicable job duty on the INOP form.
    3. Print required health assessment componentsthat match the job duty
      Use the Health Assessment Required? Components web page or the Health Assessment Matrix file.
    4. Print OCCMED forms
      Cover Sheet(for Medical Record Transfer)
      Physical Exam and Medical History form

      Medical Questionnaires for job duty
    5. Provide printed documents to candidate who will take them to the health assessment appointment
    6. Trackhealth assessment status in myUFL



    UF OCCMED Clinic
    A Division of Student Health
    Ph: 352-294-5700; Fax: 352-846-2003
    Box 100148, UF, Gainesville, FL  32611
    UF OCCMED Program Administration
    Environmental Health and Safety
    Ph:  352-392-1591; Fax: 352-392-3647
    Box 110190, UF, Gainesville, FL  32611
    Determine Occupational Medicine Participation
    Supervisors identify the job duties for positions within their department.

    Job duties that require a health assessment can be found on the

    Job Duty List
    Animal Contact* is exposure to vertebrate animals, animal tissues, body fluids or wastes; works with animals or works in animal facilities.

    Asbestos Abatement* includes individuals involved in an abatement effort

    BioPath includes all those with potential exposure to risk group 3 agents as part of their work

    Climbing includes on not only leg motion but also hand-over-hand motion such as with climbing ladders but not stairs

    Commercial Driver License* is for those required to have a commercial driver license as part of their UF employment)

    Contact with Human Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Material* (OPIM) includes human body fluids other than feces, urine, tears and sweat

    Frequent reaching above shoulder includes painting, shelving books, running overhead cable, etc.

    Heavy Lifting refers to 51 pounds and over

    Kneeling is for more than 2 hours per day.

    Law Enforcement is with the University Police Department

    Noise* (Work in Area of Excessive Noise) has a noise level defined by OSHA

    Operation of Special Purpose Vehicle includes industrial or farm equipment

    Patient Contact is having physical or face-to-face contact with a patient

    Pesticide Use* includes all users of Toxicity Class I and cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticides who mix, load, apply or otherwise handle those materials (except in original, unopened containers)

    Repeated Bending is for more than 2 hours per day

    Repetitive Pulling and Pushing includes recurring general physical activity.

    Respirator Use* is for individuals required to wear a respirator on a routine or emergency basis

    Scientific Research Diving* includes individuals who participate in UF affiliated research diving

    *Requires Periodic Medical Monitoring and/or Training

    For individuals who will fill a specific position at the University of Florida, departments record the job duty myUFL’s Position Specific panel

    • Navigation: myUFL > Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Information

    For individuals who will work without a specific position (OPS or volunteers), departments record the job duty on the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) form for individuals not on a position (INOP).

    Initiate a Health Assessment
    Departments must initiate a health assessment when their job duties are included in the Occupational Medicine Program.

    Information Needed to Initiate a Health Assessment

    • Candidate’s name
    • Candidate’s department
    • Candidate’s UFID number (Employee ID) –
      If UF Directory does not list the individual’s UFID, the individual must be added to the directory
    • Candidate’s position title and number (if applies)
    • Supervisor’s name and phone number
    • Payment information

    Health Assessment Type Depends on Job Duty

    • Review of Comprehensive Health History and Immunization Records

    The department prompts the individual to complete and submit the appropriate forms if the following job duties apply.

    Delivery of the above forms to the SHCC can be:
    -in person at the Shands OCCMED Clinic on the 2nd floor of the Dental Tower (D2-49),
    -electronic form submission via link on individual forms.
    -Email to .

    On-Site Physical Exam and Review of Immunization Records
    Department calls the SHCC at Shands OCCMED Clinic at (352) 294-5700 for an appointment for the following job duties.
    The OCCMED Clinic is in room D2-49 of the Health Science Center.

    Note: UF-affiliated units outside the Gainesville area such as IFAS Research and Education Centers call their local health care provider for an appointment for the following job duties. That local provider sends the confidential medical records generated from the physical exam directly to the SHCC OCCMED Clinic using the Medical Record Transfer Fax Cover Sheet.

    • Asbestos Work
    • BioPath (RG3/BSL3)
    • Climbing
    • Commercial Driver License
    • Frequent Reaching Above Shoulder
    • Heavy Lifting
    • Kneeling
    • Law Enforcement
    • Operation of Special Purpose Vehicles
    • Pesticide Use
    • Repeated Bending
    • Repetitive Pulling and Pushing
    • Respiratory Use
    • Scientific Research Diving
    • Baseline Audiogram

    The department calls the UF Health Hearing Center at (352) 265-6820 for a baseline and annual audiogram for the following job duty. This clinic is located at UF Health (The Oaks).

    • Work in areas of excessive noise

    Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Occupational Medicine office at or (352) 392-1591 for further information.

    Track a Health Assessment
    • Departments must check the health assessment status for individuals before they begin the assigned job duty.
    • The UF OCCMED Clinic records the health assessment status and date on the myUFL Workforce Monitoring Physical Exam screens.
    • The “cleared” status date must be before the individual begins work.

    In most cases, within 24-36 hours after complete health assessment records have been presented to the UF OCCMED Clinic, there will be a health assessment record to track.

    • myUFL Navigation: Workforce Monitoring>Health & Safety>Record Medical Exam Results>Physical Exam
    • Enter the individual’s UFID or name to search for the record(s)

    The health assessment status record shows the following data fields.
    UF has defined some field names beyond their literal meaning.

    1. Exam Date: Date the health assessment was completed
    2. Exam Type: Preplacement indicates an initial health assessment; UF indicates additional medical monitoring types
    3. Next Exam:  Date for the next health assessment that is either a follow-up visit or part of a medical monitoring program
    4. Physician ID: Indicates who performed the health assessment or processed the health assessment requirement
    5. Exam Results: Indicate the status of health assessment requirement completion
      • No Job Specific Restrictions: Individual is cleared for the OCCMED-covered job duty
      • Job Specific Restrictions:  Individual is cleared for the OCCMED-covered job duty with specific restrictions
      • Exam Pending: UF OCCMED Clinic has received part of an individual’s health assessment requirements
      • Under Review:  UF OCCMED Clinic has begun the health assessment process/review – pending items should be in Comments
      • Candidate-Waived: Previous health assessment on file as completion for current requirements
      • Start-Date Waived:  Individual temporarily cleared to begin work while continuing to satisfy health assessment requirement

    Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Occupational Medicine office at or (352) 392-1591 for further information.

    Payment for OCCMED Services
    Payment is required for Occupational Medicine services listed below.

    • Health assessments
    • Medical Monitoring
    • Immunizations, medical labs, and tests

    Payment sources vary depending on how the OCCMED-covered job duty is funded.  For example, Business Affairs pays OCCMED service charges for employees within their Divisions.  Departments pay OCCMED service charges for employees within their departments.

    Specific payment information must be given to the provider before the service is provided.
    Email the Payment Authorization Form to the address indicated on the form in order to ensure proper payment processing.

    SHCC OCCMED Clinic charges are available on their website and updated each August or as needed.

    SHCC OCCMED Clinic Health Assessment Charges (PDF)