Permit Application Process

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  • A completed permit application is required to process building permits for projects at the University of Florida, University of North Florida, School Board of Alachua County, and the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. All permit applications and supplemental documents are found here or under Building Code Forms by clicking Forms above. Please follow the instructions for each application and submit all documentation at one time to expedite the application process.

    NOTE: All applications, supplemental forms, plans, and other submittals shall be attached to the email as separate files. Do not combine documents into a single file. This will result in the application being sent back for proper submittal.

    The following is a brief, not all inclusive, checklist that will provide the information needed for a complete permit application package:


    Permit applications must be submitted per the requirements within the permit application.

    Once the permit application package has been received, EH&S will perform a preliminary review for completeness. This process takes approximately two (2) business days from the time the application has been received. If the permit application documents are incomplete, EH&S Building Codes office will notify the applicant, authorized agent (if one is listed on the permit application), and the State Agency project manager by email of the information required to further process the application. Once all the required documents have been received, and if all plans have been previously approved, the permit should be issued within five (5) business days. If plans have not been previously reviewed and approved, the issuance of a permit may take up to thirty (30) business days.


    If the project design has been submitted to EH&S for review in advance of making application for permit, please provide a copy of the Letter of Code Compliance (LOCC) with the permit application package (the review letter will state it is a “letter of code compliance”). The LOCC is sent by the Building Code Administrator to the State Agency project manager once the review process has been completed and plans have been fully reviewed and approved for code compliance. Contact the State Agency project manager in charge of the project that is being permitted for a copy of the LOCC.


    After all plans and documentation is received and processed, The Building Code Administrator will review the permit application package and the permit applicant will be notified by email when the permit is ready to be paid and signed for. The permit applicant or an authorized agent must physically sign the permit card before it can be issued. After signing and paying the proper permit fees, the applicant will be given the original permit card and the status of the permit will be changed to Issued. The applicant, authorized agent (if one is on the permit application) and the State Agency project manager will be notified by email of the change of status for the permit.

    The required inspections may then be scheduled for the permit using the online Portal. Inspections shall be requested through the portal unless otherwise notated on the portal inspection page.

    Permit documents are no longer given or returned to the contractor. Once the project is approved and the permit has been Issued, plans will be available through the online portal if plans were submitted directly to EH&S for review and approval. Plans submitted and approved through BIM360 or ACC will be available through those platforms.

    The approved digital plans are to be retained on the jobsite and be available for inspection by the Building Code Administrator or Building Code Inspectors.

    The permit card must always be posted at the jobsite and available to the Building Code Administrator or Building Code Inspectors.