Permit Application Process

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  • A permit application is required to process your building permit for University of Florida projects. The following checklist will provide you the documents and information needed for a complete permit application package:

    Permit Application Document Review

    Once your permit application package has been received, we will date-stamp and perform a preliminary review for completeness. If the permit application documents are incomplete, EH&S Buidling Codes office will notify the applicant of the information required to further process your application. The Building Code Administrator will review your permit application package and indicate that plans and specifications have been reviewed for code compliance with a signature and date.

    Construction Project Plan Review – Letter of Code Compliance

    If your project design has been submitted to our office for review in advance of making application for permit, please provide a copy of the Letter of Code Compliance (LOCC) with your permit application package (the review letter will state it is a “letter of code compliance”). The LOCC is sent by the Building Code Administrator to the UF Project manager once the review process has been completed and plans have been fully reviewed for code compliance. If you have not received a copy of the LOCC, please wait until it is received prior to making application for permit.

    Building Permit Issuance

    When approved for issuance, you will be notified to visit our office. The permit must be signed and picked up by the contractor or an authorized representative. Any fees due must be paid. You may sign for the permit only if you are the qualifier or an authorized agent.

    Permit documents will no longer be given or returned to the contractor. Once the project is approved and the permit has been issued, the project manager and contractor will be notified of the permit number and access will be granted to our Citizenserve software. Plans will be available through our portal.  A document will be provided to the contractor indicating the permit number, location of plans and any outstanding comments.

    These are to be retained on the jobsite and be open for inspection by the Building Code Administrator or his authorized representative.

    The permit card must be posted at the jobsite.