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  • Individuals at the University of Florida who wear a respirator must be medically evaluated before it is used. For individuals who wear a tight-fitting respirator, medical evaluation is also required annually.

    Initial Respirator Medical Evaluation
    The initial respirator medical evaluation is typically done at the time of hire. Occasionally, a current employee will need the use of a respirator that was not previously needed.

    Initial Respirator Medical Evaluation Components
    1. Physical exam and medical history (for tight-fitting respirator users)
    2. Pulmonary function test (for tight-fitting respirator users)
    3. Review for Respirator Use form
    4. Medical Questionnaire for Respirator Use(for tight-fitting respirator users)
    Tracking Initial Respirator Medical Evaluations
    1. The Department Personnel Representative coordinates the medical evaluation with the preplacement health assessment required before the individual begins work.
    2. The Department Personnel Representative checks myUFL Workforce Monitoring for medical evaluation status record
    3. The Supervisor allows the respirator user to begin work after medical evaluation is complete.
    Periodic Respirator Medical Evaluation
    Periodic respirator medical evaluations are required after the initial at least annually for those individuals who wear a tight-fitting respirator.

    Periodic Respirator Medical Evaluation Components
    Tracking Periodic Respirator Medical Evaluations
    1. The Department Personnel Representative runs the Department Next Exam Report from myUFL.
      Navigation: Main Menu>Workforce Monitoring>Health and Safety>
      Record Medical Exam Results>UF Department Next Exam Report
    2. A Department Representative sorts the resulting file by Exam Type to place all the Respirator Records together. Further sorting options are below.
      1. By Next Exam>Last Name>First Name to place all Department Respirator Users in one group in order by the next respirator medical due date
      2. By Dept Name>Next Exam>Last Name>First Name to place Department Respirator Users into Unit groups
      3. If the respirator user is also in the Pesticide User Medical Monitoring Program, the Pesticide Use records may be sorted in the same order.
    3. 30 days before the Next Exam date, the supervisor completes and submits the online Review for Respirator Use form with the following documentation.
      1. Individual Information
      2. Supervisor Information
      3. Respirator Use
      4. Contaminant Information
        If the contaminant is pesticide use, specific information is required for the
        Toxicity Class, the Frequency of Use and the Volume of use.
    4. An EH&S safety representative reviews and approves the respirator use.
      The completed Review for Respirator Use form is available to the UF OCCMED Clinic on the EH&S OCCMED SharePoint site.
    5. The Respirator User completes the Medical History Questionnaireand submits to the UF OCCMED Clinic via e-mail to: OccMedClinic-RiskAssessment@ahc.ufl.edu.
    6. The UF OCCMED Clinic reviews the Respirator Use form and the Medical History Questionnaire and enters a status record in myUFL.
    7. The Respirator Medical Evaluation Status Record is checked by the Department (and by the individual if in a UF pay status).
      1. Department Representative:
        Workforce Monitoring>Health and Safety>Record Medical Exam Results>Physical Exam
      2. Individual:
        My Self Service>UF Health Assessment

    Respirator Medical Evaluations must be completed initially before respirator use and at least annually thereafter.