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  • Depending on the job performed for the University of Florida, employees may be exposed to excessive noise, posing potential risks to your hearing.  The hearing conservation program is designed to assist departments in assessing the noise exposure risk, and to describe the periodic testing offered to employees who work in areas with elevated noise levels.  This testing includes a baseline audiometric test at the time of hire, an annual test, and an exit test when leaving the University or transferring to a new department where high noise exposure is not a concern for the job.

    The Industrial Hygiene Team is available to assess the work areas for positions on campus by measuring noise levels throughout the work shift.  Enrollment in the Hearing Conservation Program is required when an employee is exposed to noise levels equal or greater than 85 dBA TWA (8 hour-time weighted average), as established by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.  The Industrial Hygiene Team can also recommend hearing protection to ensure work is conducted safely and in compliance with OSHA regulations.

    Audiometric Testing is performed by UF Health at the Hearing Center in Gainesville, Florida.

    For any IFAS locations outside of Gainesville, the Industrial Hygiene Team from EH&S will conduct annual visits to each site to perform audiometric testing, and depending on the results, may be referred to a third-party medical vendor for further evaluation.  Our third-party medical vendor, CareSpot offers audiometric testing at select locations throughout the State of Florida.  If CareSpot is not available in your area, the Occupational Health Clinic in Gainesville is able to set up a substitution exam at a provider closest to your area.  Employee results will be sent to the Occupational Health Clinic at Main Campus in Gainesville for processing.  Please remember to send the Payment Authorization to the Occupational Health Clinic so that the test results can be processed in a timely manner.

    Here are some of the forms that you will need if you are enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program:

    How do I know if positions in my work area should be in the hearing conservation program?  Please contact EH&S at (352) 392-1591.  Our Industrial Hygiene team can provide information or conduct a site visit to discuss the requirements.

    Can someone come to my work area and perform the audiometric testing on-site?  For our IFAS locations outside of the Gainesville area, the Industrial Hygiene Team from EH&S will make visits periodically to test employees that are already enrolled in the hearing conservation program.  If further evaluation is needed after a visit where the results are inconclusive, or if there has been a Standard Threshold Shift, the employee may need to go to a testing facility for further evaluation.  If you want more information on having the Industrial Hygiene team performing a site visit or need assistance in getting your employee to a testing facility for additional evaluation, please contact the Occupational Health Consultant at EH&S by calling (352) 392-1591.

     CareSpot isn’t available in my location, and I need to send an employee for further evaluation.  What do I do?  You may contact the Occupational Health Clinic at 352-294-5700 and they will set up a substitution exam at a facility close to your area.