Equipment Decontamination

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  • Equipment Decontamination

    Laboratory equipment must be decontaminated when it is:
    • part of a laboratory decommissioning process,
    • being removed from service and/or stored – whether temporarily or permanently,
    • leaving the University of Florida,
    • moving to another laboratory or building on any UF campus, or
    • being released to UF Surplus Property or otherwise disposed of in a proper manner.
    Equipment Decommissioning Procedure
    • Decontaminate the lab equipment in a manner appropriate for the hazards or potential hazards. For radiation contamination, contact Radiation Safety  for procedures and next steps. Never remove a radiation hazard sticker without authorization from the radiation safety office.
    • Complete the UF Equipment Decontamination FormThe Principal Investigator or supervisor will automatically be notified for approval.
    • Once approved by EH&S, your Department’s property custodian will automatically receive a copy.
    • Maintain a copy of the signed form in your records.