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  • Respirators may be required for a job duty or used on a voluntary basis.  Please visit the Respirator Protection Policy for detailed information.

    For new hires, or existing employees who have never been cleared for respirator use, you will need to work with CareSpot, our third-party medical vendor for the initial exam. For renewals though, respirator clearance forms can be sent to the Occupational Medicine Clinic.  If the Occupational Medicine Clinic determines that you need to be evaluated by a medical provider for a possible PFT or pulmonary function test, you will be referred to CareSpot. For any clearances performed at the clinic only, please remember to send the payment authorization so that your clearance can be processed quickly.

    Here are the forms required for respirator use:

    Review for Respirator Use

    Do you need to be fit tested for your respirator?

    Please contact EH&S at 352-392-1591. All Fit Testing is performed by our Industrial Hygiene Team at EH&S.

    I’m confused and not sure what forms to send with my employee or in which order to complete the paperwork?

    The first form is always the “Review for Respirator Use” form.  Once this is complete, your employee should complete the Initial/Annual Medical Questionnaire Form, which does have personal health questions.  Your employee should take both forms with them to their appointment at CareSpot if they are a “new hire” or new to the Respiratory Protection Program.  If they are a renewal clearance though, they can submit the forms to the Occupational Medicine Clinic by clicking the “submit” button and submitting the payment auth for processing.

    I have an established employee who was advised by the Occupational Medicine Clinic that they need a PFT.  How do I set this up? 

    You can send your employee to CareSpot for the PFT, or pulmonary function test by selecting “respirator use” on the CareSpot Authorization form.  For areas where CareSpot is not available, please contact the Occupational Health Clinic at (352) 294-5700, who will be able to coordinate a substitution exam at a location in your geographic area.

    What is a PFT and why does my employee have to have this?

    All new employees who go into the respiratory program will need to be medically cleared at CareSpot, which requires a baseline PFT.  For any renewal clearances, the recommendation for a PFT is based on a few factors, which could include the time lapse from the initial PFT, or a sudden change in the health status of the employee.  Please remember that the employees’ answers on the respirator questionnaire is private medical information, so the clinic will always make the “recommendation” to the department that they need to be referred for the PFT in the most general manner where possible.

    I’m onboarding a new employee who will require multiple assessments in addition to respirator use.  What do I do?

    If your employee needs clearance for other job duties such as physical job duties or others, CareSpot can also perform the respirator clearance.  Please remember to have your employee take a copy of the initial “review for respirator use” to the CareSpot appointment.  You may also contact the Occupational Medicine Consultant at EH&S at (352) 392-1591, who will be able to guide you through this process.


    Please contact the Occupational Medicine Clinic at (352) 294-5700 or the Occupational Health Consultant at EH&S at (352) 392-1591 for additional questions.