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  • The use of a respirator may be required based on the job duties being performed or may be used voluntarily.  Please visit the Respirator Protection Policy for detailed information.

    For any new or existing employees who need to be medically cleared for respirator use, you will work with EH&S.

    EH&S has partnered up with 3M and is proud to offer the 3M Online Respirator Medical Evaluation program.

    Here are the steps that employees and departments will need to follow:

    • All departments will need to have an account set up for billing. Please contact EH&S, so we can discuss the billing options.
    • The supervisor will need to complete the respirator review form (see below).
    • EH&S will determine which respirator(s) are required for the employee.
    • EH&S will then forward the employee a link to complete their medical evaluation online.
    • EH&S will then receive the results from 3M and will enter the results into PeopleSoft.
    • EH&S will then perform fit testing for your employees, at no cost.

    Review for Respirator Use

    Do I still have to work with CareSpot?
    No, unless the employee has to be cleared for other job duties. The 3M program is available to all new and existing employees in the respirator protection program. Also, the process only takes a few minutes once an account is set up for the department.

    Do I need a PFT, or will I see a doctor in person?
    The 3M system will let the employee know if they must be referred to a medical provider.  In that case, you will be referred to CareSpot, but this is rare.  Most employees will have the ease of receiving their clearance online with 3M’s Occupational Medicine Physicians.

    How do I get fit tested for my respirator?
    Once you receive your medical clearance notification, please contact EH&S at respirators@ehs.ufl.edu to schedule your fit-test appointment.

    Questions:  Please contact EH&S at (352) 392-1591.