New Labs, Moving Labs & Closeouts

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    Whether you are a new researcher to the University or, you are moving your existing laboratory to a new space on campus, we know that you are eager to get your lab up and running quickly while achieving compliance with all federal and state agencies.

    EH&S hosts a New Principal Investigator Orientation meeting every 1st Thursday of each month at 10:00 am via Zoom. Before the meeting, an informational packet with EH&S resources will be sent to your PO Box.

    To properly set up your lab in Gator TRACS and register for the New PI Orientation, please complete this short form: NEW PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR REGISTRATION FORM 

    Adding a New Lab Space (Established UF Labs that are expanding)

    1. Contact EH&S at to update your records in Gator TRACS.
    2. Post a new notice before work can begin.
    3. Update your lab’s LATCH assessment and chemical inventory.
    4. If you are leaving a lab space, please follow the closeout instructions below.

    Lab Cleanout and Closeout

    When a researcher prepares to leave a lab (closing, vacating, renovating, or relocating), the PI or Department must notify EH&S 30 days prior to the closure of a lab by submitting a Lab Closeout Form.
    Lab Closeout Form

    Once the form is submitted, the following steps will occur:

    • The main contact for the closeout will receive an email confirmation indicating the request has been received by EH&S. The email will include the next steps and a link to a detailed lab closeout procedure checklist.
    • Once the form is submitted, an EH&S representative will contact the lab within a week to schedule a lab closeout survey – there is no need to complete any items before the survey.
    • During the survey, the EH&S representative will walk through the lab offering guidance and answering questions about what items need to be completed.
    • A safety survey report will be generated through Gator TRACS based on what is found in the lab. This survey report will serve as the lab’s “to-do list” for a successful closeout.
    • Throughout the following days/weeks, an EH&S representative will check in to verify the status of pending items. As items are completed, the actions in Gator TRACS can be closed.
    • Once all items are closed, EH&S will update Gator TRACS and issue a final closeout completion notice.
    Lab Closeout Policy