Equipment Purchase Approval

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  • Equipment Purchase Approval

    On- and off-campus sites (including all IFAS Stations), are required to obtain pre-approval before purchasing EH&S items include but are not limited to:

    3D printers

    ADA accommodation items

    Air purifying respirators

    Anaerobic chamber

    Asbestos decontamination or removal

    Autoclave and sterilizer

    Autopsy supplies and equipment


    Bench top fume collection cabinets

    Biological safety cabinets

    Boilers & pressure vessels

    Bulk storage tanks

    Cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems

    Compressed gas cabinets

    Disaster recovery services

    Dioxins and Tri-, Tetra- and Pentachlorophenol


    Electron Microscopes

    Environmental growth chamber

    Explosives and fireworks

    Eyewash stations and safety showers

    Fall protection devices (harnesses & lanyards)

    Firefighting Equipment


    Food service equipment

    Fume hoods


    Hazardous waste disposal

    Ice Machines

    Isolation glove chamber

    Gas chromatographs

    Kitchen cooking appliances

    Kitchen exhaust systems

    Lab oven or furnace

    Lab vectors


    Liquid scintillation counter

    Microwave ovens

    Ozone generators

    Personal monitoring or detection equipment (confined space meters, gas meters, survey meters and dosimeters, etc.)

    Portable air cleaning devices

    Radioactive materials


    Repair of equipment that is required to be sent off campus (certification of cleaning and decontaminating will be required)

    Safety Supplies, equipment, and service

    Space Heaters

    Self-contained breathing apparatus

    Tank and Cylinder and accessories



    Walk in refrigerator or cold-room.

    X-ray machines

    To receive EH&S approval please submit the form below.

    NOTE: This form is for purchase card usage only. All fields must be completed to submit the form successfully. You must list a manufacture and the model of the equipment you plan to purchase. If your purchase is using a requisition do not use this form! For requisition purchases use your department’s normal requisition submission procedure.

    Equipment Purchase Approval Form