As part of the University of Florida’s initiative to improve safety culture, Gator TRACS (Tool for Risk Assessment and Compliance & Safety) software will be used to manage information from a singular point of access.

The program includes, but is not limited to:

  • documenting risk assessments;
  • creating and maintaining chemical hygiene plans;
  • monitoring training completions;
  • performing and managing lab inspections.

The LATCH (Lab Assessment, Training, & Chemical Hygiene) and inspections modules are also available within Gator TRACS.

Contact EH&S at or (352) 392-1591 for assistance.

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COVID-19 Action Plan Template: Research Essential Operations Plan

Continuation of research projects requiring physical experimentation at a home is prohibited. During modified operations, no laboratory equipment, chemicals, apparatuses, etc. may be transported off campus for use.

The Research Essential Operations Plan template can help you document how each lab can perform essential operations during an emergency situation or long-term disruption.


Biohazard Project Registrations

Please visit the  Biohazard Project Registration page for new procedures within the Gator TRACS system. 


Gator TRACS Inspections is a web-based audit application that allows safety professionals a simplified and comprehensive  tool for on-site inspections. The inspections suite assists with corrective action tracking, reporting, and scheduling. Additionally, inspections can be conducted offline with an iPhone/iPad, and later synced once wi-fi has been re-established. The configurable nature of Gator TRACS inspections allows flexibility for safety professionals to promote safety culture and compliance at the University of Florida

Click here to access and review inspection checklists by content type and subsequent corrective actions.

Laboratory Assessment Training & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH)

LATCH, a UF-wide online tool supporting laboratory, shop and agricultural safety, is available for Principal Investigators, facility managers, and their personnel. LATCH provides a platform for PIs and facility managers to identify hazards, and understand what control measures need to be in place to mitigate risks.

Click here to access information on understanding and using LATCH.

Training/Informational Videos