Laser Safety Program

Statement of Purpose

Lasers and laser systems are regulated by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control, as specified in Florida Administrative Code Chapter 64E-4, Control of Nonionizing Radiation Hazards. To comply with this code, the University of Florida has established a Laser Safety Program. The purpose of the Laser Safety Program is to provide guidance for use of regulated lasers and laser systems, and to provide references for those who wish to learn more about the safe use of lasers.

The university is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors. If you are interested in learning more about the University of Florida’s Laser Safety Program, or have further concerns, please contact the Radiation Safety and Radiological Services Department (RC&RS) Laser Safety Program.

Attention: All class 3b and 4 lasers and laser systems and users MUST be registered!

RC&RS Laser Safety maintains records for all class 3b and 4 lasers and laser systems used in university facilities and is currently updating the registration database.

All new and existing class 3b and 4 lasers and laser systems must be registered. This registration also includes lasers or laser systems that are in storage or are out-of-service.