This insurance is purchased and administered by the Florida Department of Management Services, Division of State Purchasing. The outline of coverage provided herein is an overview; the actual policy will govern.

Before inquiring about insurance, you’re required to contact the UF Office of Youth Conference Services to register your camp.


  • NAME:  Accident and Sickness (Camp & School)
  • PERIOD: March 15, 2016 through March 15, 2017


POLICY INTENT: Provide Accident and Sickness Insurance coverage for individual State sponsored camps and schools by State agencies and Universities statewide. This policy will provide accident and sickness benefits, as described below, for sponsored and supervised activities of State sponsored camps and schools.

INSURED PERSON: All Participants and Volunteer Members enrolled as a camper, participant, or student in a State sponsored camp or school for whom a plan has been selected and a premium has been arranged.

Obtain Insurance and Claim Information

For additional information on the insurance policy and how to enroll your camp and camp participants, please click the link to the Florida Department of Management Services.