Fraternity/Sorority Fire Inspection Program

As part of a comprehensive fire safety program, the University of Florida will inspect and require compliance with established fire safety codes for its fraternity and sorority system. Program requirements will be consistent with criteria maintained within the Division of Housing facilities.

The primary purpose of the program is to ensure the safety of the student population in a manner consistent with recognized codes and criteria.

Authority for compliance with these codes and criteria has been established by the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Division of Environmental Health and Safety is delegated authority for inspections and will work directly with the fraternities and sororities to establish priorities for correction of identified violations. Environmental Health and Safety will refer all compliance problems to Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

A comprehensive inspection of all fraternities and sororities will be conducted on a semester basis. In addition, a pre-occupancy inspection will be conducted prior to the beginning of the fall semester. The Fire Safety Inspector has the authority through the University of Florida and the State of Florida as a Certified Fire Inspector to enter a building at any time at his/her discretion. A two to three day notice will be given as a courtesy for the semester inspections. Follow-up and spot checks to investigate known or suspected problems will be carried out on an as-needed basis.

A written report of findings will be submitted to the fraternity or sorority following each inspection. The original inspection report will be directed to the current contacts on file at the time of distribution. The fraternity or sorority Fire Safety Coordinator shall notify Environmental Health and Safety of the date of correction of all listed violations in writing. If appropriate notification is not received, or if it is determined that the correction is not satisfactory, Environmental Health and Safety shall notify Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. Appropriate steps will be taken to ensure prompt compliance to ensure the safety of building occupants.

A review of compliance with required periodic inspection of portable fire extinguishers and fixed fire suppression systems will be included as part of each facility inspection. The Florida code requires that licensed authorities perform the inspections at specified intervals (monthly for portable fire extinguishers and fixed systems). If the fraternity or sorority does not contract through the University for these services, they shall require the licensed fire equipment supplier providing the service to submit a monthly summary of the inspection findings directly to Environmental Health and Safety. A standard report form for use by these outside contractors is available from EH&S.

In general, items involving early warning, rapid spread of fire and smoke and obstruction of a means of egress are of greatest concern. For violations in these classifications, an immediate plan for correction will be established by the Fraternity/Sorority and approved by Environmental Health and Safety. When the violation is considered to be of immediate impact to the life and safety of the building occupants, it may be recommended that occupancy be denied until they are corrected. When the violation is not considered of immediate concern to life and safety, corrections should be made within a reasonable time frame.

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs will work to ensure compliance with identified corrections under established time schedules