General Liability

Florida Statute Chapter 284, Part II, requires the Division of Risk Management to provide liability insurance coverages to all State of Florida agencies through the State Risk Management Trust Fund (the “Fund”), a self-insurance fund. The Fund is liable for bodily injury and property damage to third-parties caused by the negligence of University of Florida (UF) employees or designated volunteers while acting within the course and scope of employment. The self-insurance coverage includes: Premises and Operations, Personal Injury and Professional Liability.

 Coverage Details

Policy Number: GL-0171
Named Insured: University of Florida
Coverage dates: July 1 to July 1
Coverage Limits: In accordance with Chapter 768.28, Florida Statues, the limits of liability (under the waiver of sovereign immunity law) are $200,000 each person and $300,000 per occurrence for all claims occurring after 10/1/2011.

To request a General Liability certificate of coverage, please complete the Certificate of Coverage Request Form.

 Reporting An Accident

  • Contact local law enforcement to report the accident.
  • If the accident occurs on campus, contact the University Police.
  • If not an emergency, call the EH&S Insurance and Risk Management Department at (352) 392-1591.

The Following Documentation Must Be Submitted Within 3 Days After the accident to the Insurance and Risk Management Department:

  • The driver must complete an Injury or Incident Report.
  • The supervisor must provide a written statement advising that the employee was working within the scope of their employment when the incident occurred.

 Claim Process

Complete the State of Florida Liability Claim Form and submit to Risk Management:

Risk Management
916 Newell Drive, Bldg. 179
PO Box 112190
Gainesville, Florida 32611