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  • Step 1 Application
    Departments shall submit the following to EH&S for each prospective driver.

    • Completed 12 & 15-Passenger Van Driver Training Request form
    • Copy of a valid driver’s license
    • 3-year historical driving record

    If the prospective driver is a volunteer the additional forms must be submitted as well.

    Step 2 License Verification and Driving History
    In-state drivers may obtain their driving history in one of three ways, and all require that you pay a fee to that agency:

    1. Obtain a copy from the County Clerk's office in which you reside. The Alachua County Clerk's office (352-374-3636) will allow you to pick up a copy in person.
    2. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website will mail your record within two weeks: http://www.flhsmv.gov/ddl/abstract.html.
    3. Florida MVR Services will email a copy within 24 hours: https://www.flmvr.com/.

    Departments who have drivers with out-of-state licenses will also need to provide a record of driving history.  Drivers with international driver's licenses will be required to obtain a Florida Driver's License.

    Note: Drivers with serious moving violations (DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving, accidents, etc.) or two or more moving violations in the three-year review period shall not be permitted to operate 12 & 15-passenger vans.  International drivers must have a minimum of one (1) year driving record in the United States.  Review of Driver's history for compliance is determined by EH&S.

    Step 3 Training
    Drivers not possessing a CDL must participate in a driver training program approved by the University. Additional training may be required by departments if special skills are required (e.g. pulling a trailer). EH&S coordinates computer-based training for drivers in the Gainesville area and may provide a DVD training resource for remote locations by request.

    The training includes an online assessment which the trainee must pass in order to be authorized to drive. Trainees have 2 attempts to pass the assessment. A third attempt is allowed after a 30-day waiting period.

    Step 4 Authorization
    EH&S provides the trainee’s department with written authorization to drive once the requirements of application, license verification, training, and assessment have been met.

    (Allow 10 – 14 days to process from date of submitted application)

    Step 5 Inspection and Travel procedures
    Complete pre-travel Checklist for all drivers of vans used for long trips (e.g. greater than 100 miles roundtrip).

    The PPD Motor Pool can provide a pre-trip check upon request and appointment.  Vehicles used primarily on campus/locally must be inspected each time the vehicle is refueled.

    The driver should also use the Checklist to document the inspection process. Each vehicle must be included in the annual Safety Inspection performed by the PPD Motor Pool or for non-Alachua County facilities by a local mechanic using PPD inspection criteria. Fifteen-passenger vans may not be equipped with roof racks.

    Operational Requirements

    All vehicle occupants must use seat belts. On long trips the number of approved drivers should match the expected trip duration to prevent driver fatigue and inattention. No single driver should drive more than 8 hours in a single day.