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    Procedure to Follow at Accident Scene

    This procedure applies to automobile accidents involving UF-owned or rented vehicles.

    • Contact local law enforcement to report the accident.
    • If the accident occurs on campus, contact the University Police.
    • The driver must notify their supervisor of the specifics related to the accident.
    • Provide the officer with the University auto policy number.
    • Do not accept responsibility for the accident on your behalf or that of the University.
    • Obtain a copy of the Driver Exchange of Information form.
    Procedure to Follow after Auto Accident

    This following documentation must be submitted within 3 days after the accident to the Insurance Coordinator.

    • The driver must complete an Automobile Accident Reporting Form.
    • The supervisor must provide a written statement advising who was operating the vehicle and what job duties the driver was performing at the time of the accident.
    • Driver’s Exchange Form
    • Police Report
    • If vehicle is a rented vehicle, notify the rental company immediately. Failure to do so may void the terms of your rental contract, including any insurance coverage provided under the contract.
    General Liability
    • Please contact UFPD if someone is injured on campus.
    • To report a physical hazard, please also notify Facilities Services Work Management.
    • Report the safety/environment condition on the EH&S website.
    Property Damage
    For fires, vehicle damage to buildings, or other types of urgent losses, please contact UFPD. Take all steps to mitigate further damage. Contact the Insurance Coordinator to determine which policy may cover the damage and to submit a claim.

    Non-UF Individuals or Entities

    For Auto or other types of losses where you have been injured or sustained property damage involving a University employee or volunteer:

    Please complete a Statement of Claim
    Contact UF’s Insurance Coordinator at 352-392-1591