Gator TRACS Inspections is a web-based audit application that allows safety professionals a modern tool for on-site inspections. The inspections suite assists with corrective action tracking, reporting, and scheduling with the ability to do inspections offline with an iPhone/iPad.

The configurable nature of Gator TRACS inspections allows flexibility for safety professionals to promote safety culture and compliance at the University of Florida.


The checklists used by EH&S staff for inspections are found below. Ensuring your lab meets or exceeds these parameters will provide for a smooth and efficient lab inspection process.

Laboratory Safety

Closeout Checklist

Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area

Animal Biological Safety

Level 1        Level 2        Level 3

Biological Safety

Level 1        Level 2        Level 3

Arthropod Containment

Level 2        Level 3

Plant Biological Safety

Level 1        Level 2        Level 3

Corrective Actions

Please reference the GATOR TRACS Inspections and Corrective Actions User Guide for Principal Investigators and Lab Managers for additional information.