Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) currently account for one-third of all occupational injuries and illnesses reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) by employers every year. These disorders constitute the largest job-related injury and illness problem in the United States today. UF has a commitment to provide a safe environment for its employees, students and guests. One element of this commitment is providing information, evaluation and consultation to reduce the risks of developing ergonomic injury.

Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD’s)

The following links contain reference materials and ergonomic tools that may be useful in the identification of risk factors, management of work tasks, organization of work spaces, and the selection of effective equipment for the reduction of ergonomic risk factors and injury.

How to Set Up Computer Workstation to Ergonomic Principles


Overview of Neutral Posture Orientation:  Typically Poor


Typically Poor Posture for Laptop Typically Poor Posture for Desktop












Overview of Neutral Posture Orientation:  Recommended

Recommended Posture

Acrobat A “Site” for Sore Eyes – Signs of eye problems caused by poor lighting and ideas for better viewing of your monitor and hard copy.

Acrobat Ergonomic Checklist Brochure – A guide to common workstation problems and possible solutions.

Acrobat Safe Computing Brochure – Guide to setting up a computer workstation and proper posture for computing. Covers monitor, keyboard/pointing device, document holder, chair, posture, and more

Request for Evaluations

If you feel you are experiencing discomfort due to the setup of your workstation, please try to adjust your workstation using the referenced guidelines above. If after attempting this self-help approach, you are still experiencing discomfort, please fill out the Ergonomic Self-Evaluation for Office Workers and email to Cindy Mercado (UF employees only).


Useful Office/Computer Ergonomic Links

Computer Workstation Ergonomics from OSHA – A very good resource

Cornell University Ergonomics Web

Computer Use and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Materials Handling and Lifting

UF Safe Lifting Brochure

A Back Injury Prevention Guide for Health Care Providers – Cal/OSHA

Sedentary Work and Rest Breaks

Use of freeware to promote intermittent breaks

PC freeware
MAC freeware

Fitness Balls vs. Adjustable Task Chairs

Sitting vs. Standing

Agricultural Ergonomics

UC Davis Agricultural Ergonomics Resources

Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Farm Workers – CDC

Laboratory Ergonomics

UCLA Laboratory Ergonomics

Email Cindy Mercado or call (352) 392-1591 if you have questions, comments or suggestions on ergonomics in the workplace