Radioactive Waste Disposal


Radiation Control Technique #2, Instructions for Preparation of Radioactive Waste for Disposal, contains radioactive waste disposal procedures which are applicable to the majority of waste generated in laboratories and is available from the Radiation Control Office or the Hazardous Materials Management Office. The Hazardous Materials Management Office (392-8400) should be contacted for disposal information for unusual types of waste. In addition to the radioactive material warning label, waste must be identified as to other hazards present such as poisons, carcinogens, organics or corrosives. Red or biohazard bagged waste will not be picked up. If you have active biohazardous waste and are unsure of an inactivation procedure, contact the Biological Safety Officer (392-1591).

Waste Reduction Methods

Minimize waste by preventing unnecessary contamination.

Clean and reuse lab equipment when possible. RECYCLE.

Only dispose of materials that are actually contaminated. Packing materials and boxes which have not been in contact with radioactive material shall be disposed of in regular trash after radioactive warning labels have been removed or obliterated. If a spill occurs on mat paper, only the contaminated area should be placed with radioactive waste. Remaining paper may be placed in regular trash. SEPARATE RADIOACTIVE WASTE FROM NONRADIOACTIVE WASTE.

Review your procedures and determine what processes contaminate clean material and formulate measures to minimize amount of contamination, e.g., unnecessary transfer between pieces of glassware. PREPLAN.

Your commitment is absolutely essential to achieve volume reduction and to assure ongoing employee training that reduces contamination.

All radioactive materials labels on empty shipping containers must be removed or defaced prior to disposing of the container in regular trash.