UF Green Lab Certification

The UF Green Lab Certification Rubric addresses sustainable behaviors, conservation efforts, and environmentally friendly infrastructure applicable to laboratory settings.

Through EH&S evaluation of a weighted rubric, labs can achieve graded levels of green lab certification:

  • Green: Awarded to labs that achieve ≥ 90% lab assessment scores
  • Gold: Awarded to labs that achieve ≥ 80% lab assessment scores
  • Silver: Awarded to labs that achieve ≥ 70% lab assessment scores
To be recognized as a certified green lab, laboratories will be assessed in accordance with a green lab certification rubric. The certification rubric is first completed by lab staff as self-assessment. Thereafter, the rubric is passed along to EH&S Research Services (greenlabs@ehs.ufl.edu) in order to schedule an onsite sustainability survey. Upon EH&S evaluation, labs will receive a final score. Graded levels of green lab certification that will be displayed on the lab notice boards.

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