Golf Cart Policy

Non-UF Golf Cart / Utility Vehicle Used to Transport Passengers Associated with Events on the UF Campus


The objective of this policy is to reduce the risk of accident and possible injury or death associated with the operation of motorized Golf Cart / Utility Vehicle to transport passengers associated with events on the UF campus. Risk reduction is achieved through assurance that Golf Cart / Utility Vehicles will only be operated by safe and knowledgeable drivers, that Golf Cart / Utility Vehicles are in proper and safe working order, and that all passengers use passenger restraint systems when the vehicle is in operation.


All operators of non-UF Golf Cart / Utility Vehicles. Operators of non-UF golf cart/utility vehicles used to transport passengers associated with events on the UF campus shall possess a valid driver license, and they must complete an operator training program prior to operating a Golf Cart / Utility Vehicle (exception: operators that possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License, CDL, do not need to participate in the training). Vehicles will be inspected through annual safety and operational checks. Vehicles shall be removed from service if conditions are found that will impair the safe operation of the vehicle or the safety of its occupants.


By authority delegated from the University President, the Vice-President for Business Affairs is responsible for the safety of all University facilities. Under this authority, policies are developed to provide a safe teaching, research, service, housing and recreational environment. Florida Statutes and University Regulations.

Insurance Information

Vendors operating motorized Golf Cart / Utility Vehicles on UF property must have liability insurance naming the University of Florida Board of Trustees as an additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000.00 general liability and $500,000 automobile liability.



Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

EH&S will maintain an updated list of drivers approved to operate Golf Cart / Utility Vehicles.


Departments who wish to use non-UF vendors for passenger transport for any event situation shall only use those authorized through the Office of the Vice President of Business Affairs.


Step 1 Application 

Applicants shall submit Golf Cart Permit Application through the UF EH&S Office. A completed event application with the additional attachments is as follows:

  • Copy of a valid driver’s license certificate
  • Certificate of completion of driving safety training for each prospective driver
  • Comprehensive safety inspection report
  • Certificate of insurance

For information on event planning and approval, contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) at 352-392-1591.

Step 2 Authorization

EH&S will provide the applicant with authorization to drive once the requirements of application, license verification, training, and assessment have been met.

(Allow 10 – 14 days to process from date of submitted application)

Step 3 Operational Requirements

All vehicles must comply with Florida State Statutes regarding equipment, licensing and operators.

All occupants must use seat belts.

Step 4 Inspection Procedures

Driving Golf Cart / Utility Vehicles must be in proper working order to reduce the likelihood of involvement in an accident. Each vehicle must undergo an annual inspection by a competent person to ensure hidden defects are identified and corrected.

The owner/operator shall provide certification that the vehicle and any attachments (trailer, etc.) has passed a comprehensive safety inspection and is approved for passenger transport. Written documentation must be on file with EH&S of the most recent safety inspection.

Issued July 30th, 2019; Updated October 28th, 2019