Recreational Use of the Lake Alice Watershed Policy

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    The purpose of this policy is to establish reasonable restrictions on the recreational use of water bodies within the Lake Alice Watershed, consistent with the conservation intent of its land-use designation and the general welfare and safety of the public.


    • Campus Master Plan – The University’s Campus Master Plan establishes policies for responsible stewardship of land resources and sustainable development that supports the University’s mission.
    • Conservation Areas – Conservation Areas are campus areas characterized by significant habitat or hydrological functions and protected from future development under the Campus Master Plan.
    • Conservation Area Land Management (CALM) Plan – Within the broader Campus Master Plan, the CALM Plan specifies management activities and allowable uses for Conservation Areas. Such uses include habitat preservation, water resource protection, walking, jogging, wildlife observation, biking limited to designated trails, and teaching and research activities related to the natural resource.


    Under the University of Florida Campus Master Plan, Lake Alice is identified as the core component of a designated Conservation Area. This designation requires the University to adopt a management strategy designed to safeguard the Lake’s ecological integrity by minimizing human disturbance. Accordingly, use of Lake Alice and its adjoining waters (the “Lake Alice Watershed”) shall be limited to passive activities that do not interfere with their primary function as a natural resource and refuge.


    The following rules shall apply to all bodies of water on the University of Florida Main Campus, including Lake Alice, in recognition of the natural and functional linkages these systems share with the Lake Alice Conservation Area.

    1. PASSIVE RECREATIONAL USE. Passive recreational activities, consistent with the university’s CALM Plan, are permitted within the Lake Alice Watershed, from dawn to dusk daily.
    2. HUNTING, CAMPING, & FISHING. In accordance with UF Reg. 2.016, hunting, camping, and fishing are strictly prohibited.
    3. SWIMMING & WADING. Swimming and wading are prohibited in all bodies of water on the University of Florida Main Campus.
    4. FEEDING ALLIGATORS. Feeding Alligators is dangerous, illegal (FAC68A-25.001), and strictly prohibited in the Lake Alice Watershed.
    5. BOATING. The use or operation of boats, rafts, flotation devices, or any other conveyance designed for use on water is prohibited on any waters of the Lake Alice Watershed.
    6. WILDLIFE. Harassment of wildlife and/or disruption of the natural habitat is prohibited.
    7. VEGETATION. The cutting, collecting, or manipulating of vegetation in the Watershed is prohibited.
    8. LITTERING. Disposal of trash, refuse and debris, including organic and inorganic material is prohibited, except in designated trash containers
    9. Pets are permitted in the Lake Alice Watershed provided they remain on leash and under human physical control at all times. Pets are prohibited from entering the water. Pet owners shall be held responsible for the actions of their pets, and for the proper disposal of their droppings.
    10. CLOSURE. The University may temporarily close to public use and evacuate any facility or area in the Lake Alice Watershed determined to be hazardous for public use due to weather, water, fire, construction or other situations involving public health, safety or welfare. No person shall enter, use or occupy any such closed area.
    11. EXEMPTIONS. The University or its duly authorized representatives or agents may be exempt from these rules when in the official performance of their duties and not acting inconsistent with State Law. Such exemptions must be obtained in writing from the University’s Division of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).
    12. AMENDMENTS. These Rules may be amended at any time as required to maintain and preserve the primary use of the Lake Alice Conservation Areas, in the sole discretion of the University.  Notice of any such amendments shall be given by proper signs or instructions.

    Any person violating any provisions of this policy may be trespassed, at the discretion of the University of Florida Police Department (UFPD). Noncompliance by University of Florida students is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct; section 4(U).


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