Electronics Reuse/Recycle

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  • The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in computer monitors and televisions contain significant amounts of lead. Research shows that the lead will leach from landfills and can pose a hazard to the environment.

    The EPA has further determined that computers and other electronic equipment contain heavy metals in their circuit boards and batteries which can also pose a hazard to the environment. Many of these items are considered a hazardous waste when disposed of.

    Finally, the University of Florida has determined that regardless of whether or not it is hazardous waste, electronics should not be disposed of to landfills, because so many recycling opportunities exist.

    It is the intent of University of Florida to administer a program to sell or recycle/de-manufacture the monitors, CPUs and electronic wastes which are no longer useful to the University. Those who receive these materials from UF must be qualified recyclers/de-manufacturers or purchasers that can demonstrate the proper use or recycling of each unit.

    All electronic waste described by this policy shall be disposed of in accordance with this and the Procedures for Re-Using and/or Recycling of University of Florida Electronic Equipment established by the Finance and Administration’s Department of Asset Management.