Bicycles and Other Transportation Vehicles in University Buildings

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    The University encourages the safe use and storage of bicycles on campus. The following policy prohibits the storage of bicycles, mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles, or any other fuel or electric powered vehicle in University of Florida buildings except as permitted by this policy. Reference to bicycle in this policy means any non-motorized bicycle including a unicycle and two or more wheeled human powered vehicles. This policy is not applicable to University owned electric vehicles.


    The storage of bicycles in University of Florida buildings shall be prohibited in all areas except for private offices and designated bicycle storage areas (if provided within the building) and if approved by the dean, director or his/her designee. Bicycles stored in private offices shall not block the means of egress from an office or prevent persons with mobility impairment from access to public spaces within such an office. Bicycles shall not be stored in classrooms, labs, corridors, stairwells, conference rooms, and mechanical or electrical rooms at any time. Mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles or any other fuel powered vehicle shall not be stored in any buildings unless specifically designed for such storage, such as parking garages, repair garages, or other designated parking areas within buildings.


    Environmental Health and Safety’s Department of Building Codes Enforcement and the NFPA 101 (2018) Section, 7.1.10, and


    Faculty, Students, Visitors, and Staff
    Faculty, students, visitors, and staff shall be responsible for storage of bicycles in designated bicycle parking areas or within an office assigned to that person. Storage of bicycles in offices shall have the approval of the dean, director or his/her designee. Bicycles shall not be operated within buildings. Violations of this policy shall be reported to the University Police Department (UPD). The University shall not be responsible if bicycles are stolen or damaged. The privilege of storage of bicycles within an office may be revoked by Environmental Health &Safety (EH&S) or UPD if a bicycle blocks egress from an office.
    Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
    EH&S will investigate complaints about improper storage of bicycles. EH&S will respond to complaints and determine if storage blocks egress from an office. If it is determined the bicycle is in violation of this policy, EH&S will provide the owner with a written response detailing the violation and suggested ways to provide proper storage. A second notice of violation will result in the denial of privilege to store the bicycle within the building. UPD will be given written notice of the violations.

    Mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles or any other engine powered vehicle with petroleum based fuels presents an extra hazard to the safety of building occupants. EH&S will immediately notify UPD of illegally parked motorized vehicles and will request immediate removal of said vehicle.

    University Policy Department (UPD)
    UPD shall enforce this policy by removal of an illegally stored bicycle at their discretion. In cases where the bicycle blocks access to a corridor, stairwell, ADA access ramp and/or any handrail, UPD shall immediately remove the bicycle. UPD may at their discretion attempt to contact the bicycle owner prior to removing it. All bicycles removed under this policy shall be stored at the UPD impound lot or other area designated by them. Bicycles maybe reclaimed using UPD’s normal procedures. Bicycles not reclaimed shall be disposed of using established procedures by UPD. UPD and the University are not responsible for damage to a bicycle or locking mechanism if it is determined by them that the bicycle is in violation of this policy and must be removed.

    Illegally parked mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles or any other fuel powered vehicles shall be removed by established parking regulations. All bicycles and motorized vehicles are subject to all traffic rules and regulations.