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    The objective of this policy is to reduce the risk of accident and possible injury, or death associated with the operation of 12 & 15-passenger vans. Risk reduction is achieved through assurance that vans will only be operated by safe and knowledgeable drivers, that vans are in proper and safe working order and that all passengers use passenger restraint systems when the vehicle is in operation.


    All operators of UF owned, leased, or non-owned 12 & 15-passenger vans shall possess a valid driver’s license and maintain a good driving record. Departments will select and approve all operators and arrange for them to attend an approved van operators training session prior to operating a 12 & 15-passenger van (Exception: operators that possess a valid Commercial Driver License, CDL, do not need to participate in the training but do need a valid DL/CDL). Vehicles will be routinely inspected through annual safety checks and operational safety checks (Checklist). Vehicles will be removed from service if conditions are found that will impair the safe operation of the vehicle or the safety of its occupants.


    By authority delegated from the University President, the Vice-President for Business Affairs is responsible for the safety of all University facilities. Under this authority, policies are developed to provide a safe teaching, research, service, housing and recreational environment.


    Environmental Health and Safety
    Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for approval of drivers based on provided driver license checks and training completion. EH&S will maintain a database of all drivers approved to operate 12 & 15-passenger vans. EH&S will provide access to computer-based training that may be used as a substitute for classroom instruction.
    Departments are responsible for identifying staff or official volunteers that have a need to operate 12 & 15-passenger vans. Departments are responsible for ensuring that only approved drivers operate 12 & 15-passenger vans. Departments are responsible for submitting to EH&S a copy of the driver’s license and a 3-year DMV driving history record for each intended operator. Departments are responsible for assuring that each operator has received the approved, required training. Departments are responsible for inspecting, servicing and maintaining their vehicle in safe working order and ensuring that all vehicle occupants use passenger-restraint devices.
    Facilities Services
    Facilities Services is responsible for ensuring the annual comprehensive safety check is conducted on all UF owned vehicles and removing unsafe vehicles from service.
    Employees are responsible for attending training and following the instructions given. They are also responsible for providing accurate information about past driving status and new convictions should they occur.


    Studies conducted by the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHSTA) of the US Department of Transportation reveal that loaded 15-passenger vans have significantly higher risk of rollover than passenger cars and light trucks. Loading the vans raises the center of gravity and shifts it towards the rear greatly affecting the handling characteristics. When heavily loaded, the steering characteristics and responsiveness are very different form light passenger vehicles. This can cause serious consequences in an emergency situation when an untrained driver expects the vehicle to respond like a car.

    Driving large vans requires skill and experience from the operator, with little or no margin of error. The vehicles must also be in proper working order to reduce the likelihood of involvement in an accident. The vehicles must receive a formal operational inspection by the operator to demonstrate due diligence. Each vehicle must undergo an annual inspection by a mechanic to ensure hidden defects are identified that could contribute to the risk of vehicle accident.

    NHSTA has shown that the chance of survival in a rollover type accident is greatly enhanced by the proper use of seatbelts.


    Step 1 Application

    Departments shall submit the following to EH&S for each prospective driver.

    • Completed 12 & 15-Passenger Van Driver Training Registration Form 
    • Copy of a valid driver’s license (Attach PDF to the "Registration Form" link above)
    • 3-year historical driving record (Attach PDF to the "Registration Form" link above)
    • Van Training Video Certificate through the myTraining UF_EHS870_OLT course. (Attach PDF to the "Registration Form" link above)
      • If you are a volunteer and do not have access to myTraining, click HERE to register for an account.

    If the prospective driver is a volunteer the additional forms must be submitted as well.

    Step 2 License Verification and Driving History
    Departments who have drivers with out-of-state licenses will also need to provide a record of driving history.  Drivers with international driver’s licenses will be required to obtain a Florida Drivers License.

    • Note: Drivers with serious moving violations (DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving, accidents, etc.) or three or more moving violations in the three-year review period shall not be permitted to operate 12 & 15-passenger vans. Review of Driver's history for compliance is determined by EH&S.
    Step 3 Training
    Drivers not possessing a CDL must participate in a driver training program approved by the University. Additional training may be required by departments if special skills are required (e.g., pulling a trailer). EH&S coordinates computer-based training through the myTraining system. The course is available to everyone under the Van Training: UF_EHS870_OLT title. After successful completion, save a copy of the certificate and include with your application submission.

    Step 4 Authorization
    EH&S provides the trainee’s department with written authorization to drive once the requirements of application, license verification, training, and assessment have been met.
    (Allow 10 - 14 days to process from date of submitted application)
    Step 5 Inspection and Travel procedures
    Complete pre-travel Checklist for all drivers of vans used for long trips (e.g. greater than 100 miles roundtrip).
    The PPD Motor Pool can provide a pre-trip check upon request and appointment.  Vehicles used primarily on campus/locally must be inspected each time the vehicle is refueled.

    The driver should also use the Checklist to document the inspection process. Each vehicle must be included in the annual Safety Inspection performed by the PPD Motor Pool or for non-Alachua County facilities by a local mechanic using PPD inspection criteria. Fifteen-passenger vans may not be equipped with roof racks.

    Operational Requirements

    All vehicle occupants must use seat belts. On long trips the number of approved drivers should match the expected trip duration to prevent driver fatigue and inattention. No single driver should drive more than 8 hours in a single day.

    Vehicle Usage and Insurance Information

    Florida Administrative Code Chapter 60B-1.004 states: “Motor vehicles owned, leased or operated by the State University System shall be available for official institutional business only.”


    1.c Persons other than state employees shall not be permitted to operate a state-owned, leased, or rented vehicle unless authorized by the administrative head of an agency or person designated by him and then only on official state business.

    The University’s automobile liability coverage is provided by the State Risk Management Trust Fund (Fund), which is administered by the State of Florida, Department of Insurance, Division of Risk Management. The Fund’s coverage extends only to the insured, which includes the named agency and its “officers, employees, agents, or volunteers acting within the course and scope of employment”.


    Did you Complete the Following Steps?

    1. Take the “12 & 15 Passenger-Van Training” course UF_EHS870_OLT
    2. Get the certificate from the UF_EHS870_OLT
    3. Complete the Registration Form
    4. Attach ALL of the required documentation to the Registration Form
      • Copy of a valid driver’s license (Attach PDF to the “Registration Form”)
      • 3-year historical driving record (Attach PDF to the “Registration Form”)
      • Certificate through myTraining UF_EHS870_OLT course. (Attach PDF to the “Registration Form”)