Occupational Medicine

How do I check my health assessment status?
Compliance records with OCCMED Program requirements are in myUFL.

Does my position require a health assessment and if so, what is included?
Complete the Health Assessment Matrix and view all components

How does the health assessment process work?
Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

Emails notify employees of health assessments due
“Update Your Required UF Health Assessment Now”

The University of Florida’s Occupational Medicine (OCCMED) Program establishes procedures that govern safety and health precautions related to occupational exposure. The Program classifies job duties with known health risks and includes the following for individuals assigned to those covered job duties.

  • Preplacement Health Assessments
  • Medical Monitoring Programs with periodic health assessments
  • Immunizations, tests, labs
  • Emergency Protocols and Response
  • Management System

UF’s OCCMED Program is managed jointly by Environmental Health & Safety and UF Occupational Medicine Service, a division of the Student Health Care Center.  Other partners include the Hearing Center at UF and Shands as well as individual medical service providers outside the Gainesville area.

OCCMED’s management system resides within UF’s myUFL.  Position information within Organizational Development includes department-identified job duties that apply to specific positions.  Health assessment status records are housed within Workforce Monitoring.

Compliance with OCCMED requirements is improved by departments using Workforce Monitoring’s Department Next Exam Report.  Individual’s checking their own health assessment status records through My Self Service also improves Program compliance.

Initital and periodic health assessments are based on individual’s assigned job duties.  Procedures and Guidelines pages provide step-by-step instructions with how-to details.

No faculty, staff, student or volunteer covered by the OCCMED Program may initiate or continue activities in the area of concern until they satisfactorily meet applicable medical criteria.