The following documents are essential to developing a dive plan and qualifying a diver. They are available from the DSSP office or may be down loaded from this page.

Dive Plan Forms

Acrobat Dive and Operations Plan

DSSP 012 (Required as cover page on dive plan.)

Additional forms are included to facilitate a comprehensive plan, and may or may not be needed.

Acrobat Pre-Dive Environmental Check

Acrobat Bottom Conditions & Effects

Acrobat Dive Safety & Planning Checklist

Acrobat Dive Boat Checklist

Diver Forms

Acrobat Diving Questionnaire (Diver training/experience history)  

Acrobat Diver Medical History

Acrobat Diver Medical Evaluation of Fitness   Word Word

Acrobat Diver Liability Waiver & Release

Acrobat Entry Procedures/Swim-Scuba Check (Checklist for UF Scientific Diver designation)

Acrobat Statement of Understanding COVID19 UF Dive Operations

Dive Logs

The DSSP has gone to an online dive log. Please click on the link below to access. If you are a new user – please sign on as such, and register. Once you have registered, inform the DSO, who will then complete your application and active your online dive log. As a reminder, each diver is responsible for submitting their dive logs each month.

AAUS Dive Link