Chemical Inventory

All labs, shops, studios and UF entities are required to maintain accurate chemical inventories in the University’s online inventory database.  UF has transitioned to a chemical inventory system within Gator TRACS – specifically in the LATCH (Laboratory Assessment, Training, and Chemical Hygiene) module under a new “Chemical Inventory” tab.

Similar to other Gator TRACS modules (Inspections, Incidents, LATCH, etc), only personnel who have the “allowed” permission, as selected by their supervisor, will be able to edit the data.

Everyone in the lab, shop or studio has the ability to view the chemical inventory.

For existing labs, shops & studios:

All inventory data previously maintained in the ChemTracker system has been automatically transferred into the Gator TRACS Chemical Inventory system. Please log into the system and ensure its accuracy.

For new labs, shops & studios:

If you do not have a chemical inventory listed in the system yet, please contact for assistance.

Please visit our FAQs and resources for additional information.


Chemical Inventory User Guide
Adding New Chemicals to Inventory Video
Managing & Disposing Chemicals Video
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