Lab Manager Mentorship Program

Are you a NEW lab manager and would like to learn from experts?
Are you an EXPERIENCED lab manager and would like to share your knowledge with the next generation?

If so, please join the Lab Manager Mentoring Program!


The mission of Environmental Health and Safety division is to minimize injury and illness to faculty, staff, students, and visitors, and to minimize damage to university property while establishing a culture of safety at the University of Florida.

The goal of the EH&S lab manager mentoring program is to connect less experienced lab managers with more experienced lab managers in a mentor-mentee relationship. The more experienced lab managers are those who have an in-depth knowledge of managing laboratory operations and fostering a safety culture within their areas. With the support of EH&S , this program will match lab manager mentees with a lab manager mentor from a similar lab environment and discipline, within the same department, college, or building. EH&S will also provide the participants of this program with initial training initial and periodic meetings.

Program Benefits

  • Provide opportunities for collaboration with other lab managers and to share best practices
  • By pairing lab managers, this program will create an environment of learning, continuous improvement, and safety
  • This program will facilitate connections, networking opportunities, and an opportunity to work with experts from throughout the University of Florida
  • This program will help in establishing a positive culture of safety and facilitate problem identification and resolution, and continuous learning
  • Lab managers demonstrate stewardship of safety as a collaborative research community effort

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