Injury and Hazard Reporting

How to seek Medical Assistance

In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911.

For non-emergency medical assistance, please follow the guidelines below.
Faculty and Staff (Including OPS)
Follow UF Human Resources Workers’ Compensation ( )The injured employee and supervisor should immediately contact AmeriSys by calling 1-800-455-2079.
Follow the Student Health Care Center Emergencies and Urgent Care Guidelines –(
Follow the Student Health Care Center Emergencies and Urgent Care Guidelines –(

Report an Employee Injury to EHS

Supervisors are required by University of Florida Environmental Health & Safety and Florida Statute to investigate all employee injuries. Compliance is met by the submission of the Injury Investigation Report form to EH&S. Please review the below information on how to complete the form and submit.

  • Step #1. Seek medical treatment, if necessary, by calling 911 or UPD.
  • Step #2. Report the incident, as soon as possible, to your Principal Investigator or supervisor, and then contact AmeriSys at 1-800-455-2079, to start a claim if you are an employee.
  • Step #3. Report the injury/incident to EH&S by submitting the online form. Complete all sections and sign the form.
  • Step #4. Submit the form to EH&S.
  • Step #5. Maintain a copy for your departmental records.

Report a UF Safety Environmental Hazardous Condition

It is often possible to personally correct a hazardous condition ( e.g. wiping up a spilled drink off the floor, straightening a floor mat by a door). On other occasions, others must be involved to eliminate a hazard. Corrections often only take place if the hazard has been identified and those empowered to the reduce risk are aware of the hazard.

  • If you can not personally eliminate or guard against the hazard then report it to the supervisor of an area), to a maintenance or administrative group, or to EH&S.
  • Below is a set of units to call with potential hazards identified at the university.
  • Anyone who observes University of Florida conditions viewed as hazardous or environmentally unsafe is encouraged to report them to UF authorities.

Please try contacting the appropriate group below before calling EH&S

Environmental Health and Safety
Report for anywhere on Campus
(352) 392-1591
EHS Report Form
University Police Department  (352) 392-1111
Facilities Services Work Management Center
Hazards in E&G Buildings or UF outdoor Areas
(352) 392-1121
Facilities Services Work Request
GatorLink login required.
IFAS Facilities Operations
Hazards in IFAS Buildings and Areas
(352) 392-1984
Hazards in Housing Areas
(352) 392-2161
Transportation and Parking Services
Hazards in Parking Garages or Parking Lots
(352) 392-8048
IFAS Research and Education Centers
Off Main-Campus Facilities
Appropriate Farm Manager