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  • Respirator Use Medical Monitoring


    Environmental Health and Safety
    EH&S is responsible for the administration of the respiratory protection program, which includes determining the need for respiratory protection, respirator selection, training and fit testing. EH&S also maintains all non-medical record pertaining to this program. An EH&S respiratory protection program administrator is designated to provide guidance and oversight to the program.
    UF Occupational Medicine Clinic
    The UF Occupational Medicine Clinic (Phone 352-294-5700) provides for medical evaluations and maintains medical records.
    Departments are responsible for assisting EH&S in identifying employees required to wear a respirator by keeping EH&S apprised of new potential hazards entering the work area by utilizing the computerized Health Assessment Management System (HAMS) for both new hire employees and for those having a change in their job duties. Completing personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments of work processes and tasks, described in the EH&S policy on Personal Protective Equipment which is useful for recognizing potential respiratory hazards.
    Supervisors and Principle Investigators
    The Supervisors and Principle Investigators (P.I.’s) shall ensure that all their employees in the program have had a medical evaluation, receive training and fit testing on a yearly basis at no cost to the employee.
    Employees, Students, Volunteers, and Contractors
    Affected employees, students, volunteers, and contractors (working under direct UF supervision), herein called respirator wearers, are responsible for obtaining a medical clearance to wear a respirator, to be fit tested and receive training. The respirator wearer shall use the respirator when required by the specified work activity and ensure that the respirator is cleaned, stored and maintained according to the provisions of this program.