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  • Hearing Conservation Medical Monitoring Program

    The Hearing Conservation Program’s medical monitoring requirement is part of the University of Florida’s Occupational Medicine Program. Participation in the Hearing Conservation Program is based on UF employee job duties. When a department fills a designated position, the medical monitoring procedures are as follows.

    • The department documents the “work in areas of excessive noise” in the position information
      • in the PeopleSoft position information for positions with a number OR
      • on the INOP form for individuals not on a position.
    • After making a job offer,
      • Departments in the Gainesville area contact
      • the UF OCCMED Clinic for a preplacement health assessment and
      • the UF Health Hearing Clinic for a baseline audiogram.
    • Departments outside the Gainesville area contact
      • a local provider for the preplacement health assessment and
      • a local audiologist or the EH&S safety coordinator assigned to their area for the baseline audiogram.

    The UF Health Hearing Clinic establishes a baseline audiogram as part of the preplacement health assessment and provides a copy to the employee and to the UF OCCMED Clinic. (Note: The EH&S off-campus safety coordinator provides baseline and annual audiograms for participating employees outside the Gainesville area.)

    The UF OCCMED Clinic coordinates any required medical follow-up, keeps the audiogram on file in the individual’s medical record and records the evaluation status and due date in PeopleSoft.

    Environmental Health and Safety monitors for compliance.

    The department checks PeopleSoft for evaluation status and schedules annual audiograms.

    The employee keeps all scheduled evaluation appointments or notifies the department in advance of the appointment for any required variations.

    Current UF employees who are added to the Hearing Conservation Program must have a baseline audiogram established – by UF’s Health Hearing Clinic for those in the Gainesville area OR – by a local audiologist or the assigned EH&S safety coordinator for those outside the Gainesville area may be referred by the UF OCCMED Clinic for clinician evaluation/examination based on medical questionnaire and/or baseline audiogram records.